Medical science has made it possible to provide permanent solutions to missing teeth. Dental implants surgery is a procedure that restores natural-looking and functional teeth. It’s more durable than dentures.

Dental implants and surgery offer many more benefits than traditional tooth treatment methods. This implant has a success rate above 98%, which is a significant advantage for patients with tooth decay or loss.

Losing your teeth can have a negative impact on your daily life by making it difficult to eat and chew food. It can also affect how you look and feel. People who lose their teeth in the early stages of life, for any reason, lose self-esteem and confidence for smiling.

All these issues can be addressed under one roof with a dental implant. It has a minimal risk factor and offers a wide range of benefits. Because it is performed under the guidance of highly skilled surgeons, the implanted teeth are identical in size, color and texture to the nearby teeth.

The good news is that the dental implant can be covered by insurance if it is covered under a policy.

Dental implant is an internationally recognized treatment option in the tooth care field. It is a common technique used to replace missing or lost teeth in dentistry.

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth roots using screw-like posts. It can be used to replace any missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth. These artificial teeth look and work just like the natural tooth.

This surgery method can be used to replace other common alternative teeth treatments such as bridgework and denture. It is also useful when these techniques are not possible due to the absence of natural roots.

It provides a solid foundation for permanent and removable replacement teeth. These are prepared in a manner that looks exactly like healthy natural teeth.

The unique thing about a dental implant is its ability to replace teeth without the need for support. It doesn’t have any effect on nearby teeth.

Most dental implants are made of titanium, which allows it to blend well with bone. Your body will not consider it a foreign or artificial thing. It is therefore very natural and doesn’t feel like it is replacing anything.

The process of fusion of jawbone takes several months. This is for both the processing and healing purposes. This whole process begins with an assessment of the individual case, the diagnosis of damaged or lost roots, and any other medical issues that the patient may be suffering from.

The team of skilled dental surgeons will determine the best dental implant procedure for you based on your current teeth condition and other important factors.

The titanium-made post is used to ensconce the missing tooth root in its bone socket. This is followed by the growth of the jawbone around the metal post. The process can take between 6 and 12 weeks.

Once the implanted material is fully surrounded by the jawbone, a connector post called an abutment is attached to it. This allows the metal post to hold the new teeth in place during the next stage of dental implantation.

Next, a dental implant involves taking an impression of your teeth to prepare a new tooth or set of teeth. This is done so that the appearance of the new tooth will be similar to existing teeth. The impressions of your bites will be taken to prepare the new tooth model.

These replacement teeth, also known as crowns, are then attached to the abutment. The teeth implantation is completely secured to the jawbones, so it is stable and strong. It also looks and functions the same as natural teeth.

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