Don’t have time for sports? Or just don’t like to tire yourself out? Whatever the reasons know that losing weight without sport is possible but it has drawbacks.

I see in my clients that some find all the excuses in the world to try to stop the sport part after two weeks: lack of time, bad weather conditions.

It is quite normal to experience difficulty in establishing a sports routine, it’s like everything in life. The first day of school or work is always difficult to deal with, either physically or psychologically. Except for passionate people … But if you are reading this article, it is because you do not have the soul of a sportsman or a sportswoman 

You rather want to get rid of it, don’t you? And look for a solution to lose weight without exercising. I will try to help you by giving you the best advice and the steps to follow to lose weight without having to sweat and get tired.

I’m not going to write a paragraph to try to persuade you to take up sport, I respect your choice and you surely have a good reason but if this is not the case think about the benefits of practicing an activity regular sport on weight loss or on health in general, that can motivate you!

The mechanism of weight loss: creating a calorie deficit

Creating a calorie deficit is the key to truly understanding how to lose weight by managing your calorie intake and expenditure. Normally, one hour of exercise can make you lose an average of 500 kcal, but given that you have decided to lose weight without exercising, you will then have to bet everything on food ( but not that, we will see later. .. ).

We will have to find another way to create this deficit and lose fat, this is the principle of energy balance.

To give you a quick example of this concept, let’s say that if you consume 2000 kcal per day and you spend 2500 kcal, you have created a deficit of 500 kcal which allows your body to draw on your reserves in order to start losing weight.

But be careful not to create too large a deficit which will put your body in a stressful situation. Lose weight slowly but steadily (1 kg per week is important the right rate of weight loss ).

How to create a deficit without playing sports?

Increase your metabolism

The first step will be to understand how your body works, how it expends calories to make you lose weight. The notion of metabolism comes into play here and when you hear the word “metabolism” you have to think of three things which are:

  • Basal metabolism  : this is the energy you spend by not doing anything special, when you are lying in front of a movie for example. This represents 70% of your daily energy expenditure.
  • Physical activity: These are the calories burned due to the effort which represents between 15 and 20% of your expenses.
  • Digestion: the energy spent during digestion represents 10 to 15% of your daily energy expenditure.

Let’s forget about physical activity (or not, we’ll come back to this later). What do you need to remember?

To lose weight you must focus on basic metabolism and digestion (thermogenesis). That is to say, increase these to be able to spend more energy on a daily basis.

Once your metabolism is high, you will lose weight without making any great efforts … But let’s be honest: most of it should be around your diet , which we will talk about right away!

What if you finally started to eat a balanced diet?

It is when you eat in a healthy and balanced way that you can see changes in your weight on the scale but also and especially in your appearance (even if it will take a little time .. . at least 2 months or more

How to eat well to lose weight? 

Put yourself in the place of your body which needs energy which must be provided by macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and you throw coca, cakes … You are nice but the body does not recognize these products, they consider them poison.

Rest assured, you are not risking anything (not so sure), your body will simply say to itself “I don’t know what this is but since it is a source of energy I will store it maybe I would need later ”And hop towards the storage space which can be your stomach for example.

– Favor unprocessed products

You have understood that the first thing is to avoid industrial products and refined sugars as much as possible and to turn to what is close to natural.

It’s amazing I was going to give you the example of vegetables but I don’t, I risk losing some readers.

But you can consume cereals, dairy products, eggs, meat… As a coach I often recommend following the main principles of the Paleo diet to those who have trouble eating properly. It changes cans stuffed with chemicals with incomprehensible annotations and often with added sugar (and yes even in plain tuna there is!).

– Cut down on carbohydrates

You then need to eat less carbohydrates. If you serve a plate of rice in normal times it would be rather interesting to reduce the quantity of rice a little and add either a source of protein such as turkey or vegetables.

– Fruits and vegetables

Fill up on vitamins and minerals and fiber by consuming raw or cooked vegetables, at will. Not to mention an essential protein source for weight loss while maintaining your muscle mass.

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