When you’re a teenager, having a loose tooth is thrilling because it means you’ll get a visiting from the tooth fairy. Children are well-known for having loose and milky teeth that progressively replace permanent teeth. On the other hand, a loose tooth is significantly more problematic as an adult. It is something that most people notice when cleaning their teeth or eating. So you might come up with thoughts like, why do my teeth feel loose? When this occurs, you may be inclined to ignore the problem, but you must not.

Some reasons for loose teeth among adults are entirely safe. Others require the assistance of a dental expert to preserve the tooth, extract it, or substitute it with implantation or a bridge.

Reasons Why Your Teeth Feel Loose 

As a result, you might wonder, “Why do my teeth feel loose?” What if my teeth aren’t in good shape? Do I need to be concerned? Teeth that are loose lose their structural strength and get dislodged from the bones and gums. Teeth usually do not pull out on their own.

Various internal and environmental reasons can cause a loose tooth. So, let’s have a look at many of the frequent reasons and cures for a loose adult tooth.

Gum Disease

The most prevalent reason for loose teeth is gum disease. If plaque gets not cleaned by appropriate brushing techniques and frequent regular cleaning, it hardens into tartar. Tartar, or hardened plaque, causes the gums to peel away from the sides, leaving gaps between teeth that can get infected.

As the infection continues, your gums may recede, and even permanent teeth may become loose.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose


A thorough clean is good if the teeth are loose and can solve the problem. Anyone who discovers gum disease symptoms should see a dentist as early as possible, and tooth loss can get avoided with early identification and treatment.

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Any direct damage to the face or lower face might influence your tooth and cause them to loosen. After a trauma to the tooth, the periodontal ligaments that hold the tooth in place may stretch. As a result, patients with current or past tooth damage are more likely to have tooth loosening.

Sometimes the injury towards the tooth is severe enough that the tooth will not recover.


Anyone who believes that grinding habits caused harm to their teeth should see a dentist as early as possible.


A woman’s hormones alter during pregnancy. The estrogen and progesterone surge can negatively influence the gums, leading teeth to become loose. Increased amounts of these hormones can affect the periodontal tissues, the bone formations that support and maintain the teeth in place.


While this is the reason for worry, the best part is that it is usually just brief. Fortunately, these alterations will go away on their own after the pregnancy. Still, if you have loose teeth during pregnancy, consult your dentist to rule out other causes, such as gum disease.

Grinding teeth

Grinding your tooth frequently not only damages the enamel all around the tooth but can also loosen them over time. Stress-related clenching or grinding of the teeth, known as bruxism, could also trigger your teeth to become loose over time.

The Patients may be suffering from bruxism sleep with their teeth grinding firmly together, frequently more strongly than their normal bite.


Now, If your loose teeth are the result of grinding, in that case, your dentist might well be able to cure the problem with a specific retainer before your teeth get permanently harmed.


Osteoporosis is a disorder that primarily affects people above the age of fifty. It weakens the bones and leads them to become porous. As a consequence, even little bumps and hits can result in fractures. Osteoporosis most often affects the hip, spine, and wrist bones, although the illness may damage any bone in the body.

This condition has the potential to impact both males and women. On the other hand, women are more likely to develop osteoporosis later in life because estrogen levels are lower.


A person’s osteoporosis treatment and side effects should get discussed with a doctor. Dentists may not recommend invasive surgery, and minor dental operations may be beneficial, on the other hand.3

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How To Get Your Loose Teeth Treated?

A loose tooth can detach entirely from the gums over time, and now after knowing why do my teeth feel loose, you should know what to do about it. On the other hand, treatment can help enhance the condition of your gums, and it also aids in the healing process and strengthens the teeth.

A loose tooth indicates the presence of a more severe condition that must get addressed. Following are some of the preventions that you need to exercise:

  • Brushing twice per day flossing once a day might help keep your teeth from becoming loose.
  • If your tooth is loose, you may get tempted to wiggle it with your tongue, and it’s best not to do this since it’ll only loosen it up even more.
  • Adopt a calcium-rich diet to boost overall dental health. It will eventually aid in strengthening teeth.
  • While home cleaning is essential, it is not a replacement for professional dental cleaning, which helps your dentist to discover oral health issues early.
  • When participating in contact sports, use a mouthguard to keep your teeth.
  • Be mindful of medicines that may have an impact on the teeth.

Severe Cases

Unfortunately, there are some situations where loose teeth cannot get preserved. In certain circumstances, your tooth will get pulled and replaced with Implant, Dental Bridge, or removable partial denture. It prevents the remaining teeth from shifting to fill the resultant space.

Final Thought

To summarize, a loose tooth in an adult might be alarming. However, it is sometimes possible to save the tooth, especially if it is detected early. The therapy for a loose tooth gets determined on the cause.

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